Mold Construction

Precise synthetic products require high quality, premium tools. The range of our mold construction encompasses all processes, from synthetic parts development to tool construction, supported by simulation technology and prototype construction with laser cutting techniques, up to the manufacture of injection molding tools with a dead load of 20 t maximum. 

We provide injection moulds

  • as 1K-/2K- and 3K-variations 
  • with MuCell technology
  • as tiered/tandem tools
  • gas-assisted injection molding
  • insert technology
  • IML


 FKT-machine list



We machine with diverse and efficient state-of-the-art machinery. In this way, the use of 5-axis simulator milling centers up to a workpiece weight of 8 t with corresponding spark-erosion machines and spotting presses with table clamping surfaces up to a maximum of 2,500 x 2,000 mm enables the assembly of especially high-quality, precise workpieces.

Our employees' vast professional knowledge and their flexibility make it possible for us to respond quickly to your needs, executing your orders with the greatest precision and in a timely manner.

Large-Sized Tools

This production area boasts the complete array of mold construction processing technology for up to 20 tons overall weight. Moreover, this section is equipped with modern electric discharge and 5-axial milling machines, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient assembly. Our employees have a keen intuitation of your quality requirements and can accomplish them both consistently and on a highly technical level. 


Micro- and Precision Tools

This area features a technology complex, spezializing in high-grade specifities and is supported by workpieces and tools via pre-progammed automated feeds. By being continually challenged by new tasks, our employees are highly qualified and innovative thinkers. In addition, special tools with "slider in slider" solutions, combinations with multiple seperation levels, and all known 2K-/3K uses and insert techniques are purposefully implemented.


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