Multi-Component Injection Molding

Our early specialization in sophisticated multi-component machinery has made us a recognized partner in this area. Moreover, our customers can count on our expertise, from the initial developmental stages to series release. Our employees are consistently qualified and with their experience, are able to produce and sample even the most intricate tools.

The most important examples for this include:

  • Rotary plate concepts
  • Indexing plates and indexing solutions
  • Shifting and rotary table forms
  • Relocating tools with automation solutions
  • Combinations with gas internal pressure
  • Film insert molding (FIM)
  • Textile and metal overmolds
  • Fitting injection molding for clutch packs in auto emissions 


Every other FKT tool is a multi-component mold. These are sampled and run in at our own technical center using a compression force between 350 – 11,000 kN, and with our detailed quality and process documentation allows for a smooth transfer to your production machine.

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