Plastic Machining

The entire value-added chain of our services, from plastic machining to the assembly group ready for dispatch, is on display in our new production center.Here, we cut complex and sophisticated high-performance plastic components,

from our own injection molding process or from semi-finished products and assemble them for an accurate fit for components, primarily in the field of medical engineering.

Plastics that are primarily manufactured for high temperatures from PEEK, or polyetheretherketone, create a particular challenge for injection molding manufacture and the tools associated with them.


Partial wall thicknesses of over 20 mm are inspected using X-ray technology and must be both 100% cavity-free, as well as devoid of foreign body inclusions. We have taken up the challenge to guarantee the required and strict production tolerances in machining, including for example, temper processes. 

In so doing, we model process-reliable and innovative production with ultramodern, 5-axis milling machines with automated connections, as well as propelled lathe implements.

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