Plastics Engineering

The most up-to-date technology guarantees high quality, on-time delivery. In our plastics department, injection molding machines with compression forces ranging from 350 kN to 11.000 kN are available for function tests and initial sampling, as well as for small series assembly. And of course, we provide our clients with complete sample documentation. 

Comprehensive facilities enable the operation of: 

    •  multi-component tools
    •  tiered tools    
    •  injection molding tools in gas-assisted
        and MuCell®-systems
    •  textile- and foil-insert molding tools    
    •  die-engineering tools 

Sophisticated gripper systems allow for process-oriented assembly and process integration. Series durability is evaluated at inspection.

Moreover, the central desiccating and material conveyor mechanism guarantees both a flexible material feed and an orderly machining environment, enabling consistent quality throughout.


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