Company Policy

Our goal is to assert ourselves in the market, using an innovative level of design in engineered processes and manufactured products.

Our company policy is the hard and fast principle for ongoing improvement, as well as for a quality-minded, environmentally friendly, and responsible treatment of all employees. Quality, environmental protection, safety, and health protection are a part of our company's self-image, contributing significantly to our corporate success. Fulfilling our client's needs, protecting our employees, and preserving our environment are crucial prerequisites for our company's productivity and economic success.

In order to reach these fundamental goals, we aim towards continually improving our products and service, preserving the environment, the health of our employees, and the safety of our facilities. Our integrated management system helps us to do so. All of our managers and employees must adhere to legal regulations about product safety, environmental and occupational safety, as well as to operational planning and production standards.

These requirements include the following:

  • The fulfillment of the client's wishes: delivery reliability, excellent service, and the highest quality of our products and services.
  • The client's satisfaction is our benchmark for quality!
  • All of our company processes are established, directed, and refined in the interests of the client, employees, proprietors, distributors, and the company. 
  • Our success is the result of motivated employees, hence, we invest in modern technology and delegate a high level of responsibility to our employees.
  • The consideration of environmental factors and of occupational and health safety during the planning stages of new procedures, activities and investments.
  • We employ everyone's ideas in order to better ourselves and to avoid future difficulties.

We strive for long-term and fair business relationships with our distributors, with the goal to achieve an overall output that is both high-quality and environmentally compatible for our clients. 

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