Current Polymer Price Index

"Plastixx" refers to the polymer price index that was introduced in June 2005 by KI (Kunststoff Information). This index illustrates the market trend of synthetics in Western Europe. The evaluation is calculated monthly and is based upon the market prices released and published by KI for standard thermoplastics and technical thermoplastics. Whereas Plastixx includes the most important thermoplastic synthetics as a whole, Plastixx ST and Plastixx TT reflect the market trends of standard thermosplastics and technical thermoplastics, respectively.

Kunststoff Information Polymerpreise     Price Index January 2017

                           January      last month       (Change)

     Plastixx            2.126,2           2-061,7         + 3,1 %

     Plastixx ST        2.196,9           2.122,5         + 3,5 %

     Plastixx TT        1.365,1           1.353,3         + 0,9 %

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