LaserCUSING® - Metal Melting

Metal melting is a layered, tool-less process, in which metal powder is locally fused
(using laser or electron rays) into a compact structural component. Thus, it becomes
possible to produce three-dimensional parts of any shape. The strength properties are
comparable to the characteristics of the basis material.


  • Production of complex functioning parts (unique specimens)
  • Mold manufacture with inner media channels that can be designed as required
  • Use in tool and mold construction for shape-specific tempering ducts

  • Homogenous surface temperature control
  • Stable production process during injection molding
  • Reduced molding warpage
  • Reduced injection molding cycle times
  • Generation of thermal regulation possibilities
  • Rapid repair solutions for sophisticadet tools with
    critical contour areas in tool applications
  • Reduction of total processing time for highly detailed and strong fissuring tools

Powder Materials: 

  • CL 50 WS  -  high-temperature steel 1.2709
  • CL 20 ES   -  high-grade steel 1.4404
  • CL 91 RW  -  stainless high-temperature steel 1.2083 
  • CL 100NB  -  nickel-base alloy (Inconel 718)
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